Our Team

President Chandni Nandi

Chandni Nandi- President of Swargunjan Music Academy-A classically trained dancer in Katthak, is an artist by her self. She has performed at various platforms. She has a vision to train Canadian born South Asian community in arts and culture. Exchanging arts and culture would create a strong Indo- Canadian society, as per her belief. Her plans are to expand music academy and to grow for betterment of even senior citizens and students who need extra care.

Swargunjan Music School

We have talented and very experienced instructors who teach piano, violin, guitar, cello, and other instruments.

Our Goals

Swar Gunjan seeks to achieve these goals through our music academy:

  • Professionally teach our students and provide a high-quality and equitable learning experience
  • Promote cultural music through training and performances
  • Preserve Indian culture and heritage by serving the diverse members of the community



Our Values

As an organization, we share a set of core values that help define us and the work we do. The following values are integrated deeply within our services and the ways in which we work together with our supporters, clients, industry partners and key stakeholders.

  • Integrity: Swar Gunjan recognizes the importance of honesty, fairness and transparency in our actions, interactions, and motives.
  • Professionalism: We only provide our clients with exceptional service and ensure that our students are gaining their knowledge from experts from the field.
  •  Excellence: Swar Gunjan puts forth a consistent standard in the delivery of our services and seek to continuously improve our organization in whichever way possible by committing to excellence.
  • Inclusiveness: We strive to provide inclusive training to a diverse group which includes but is not limited to children, youth, seniors and individuals with disabilities.


Our mission to is bring awareness and education through needs-based programs and services in music, arts culture and heritage with the goal of fostering healthy, vibrant and inclusive communities.


To bring positive change in the cultural, musical and artistic development of communities through: education, training, engagement and empowerment.


MissionAppreciation from Govt. Of Canada