Priti Rushikesh Bhatt


Education: M.A Current occupation : self employed. Active Result oriented . Self motivated Hardworking Effective communication Efficient in technical quarries Priti is a a owner of sun n step smoke and dry cleaners.since 2011. She is very happy with what she is doing. As she is in service industry. Making innovative ideas for the growth of the organization.she is doing multi tasking in service as she operate different tasks for different platform. She is managing finance in business with highly profitable in day after day and year after year. 2017-09-27,

Swargunjan music school is a great place to learn music instruments and singing,growing up in Pakistan I had always wanted to learn how to sing, but the opportunity wasn?t presented until now! I have had a really positive experience there, everyone in my group is very nice, very warm and friendly atmosphere, our music teacher, Mr. Pramesh is a dynamic teacher, very patient, talented, knowledgeable, polite and friendly.

Vaidehi has always been a hardworking girl since she was young. She?s always had a passion to try something new. She started singing different classical and modern songs when she was around 5. She had great potential, so to learn more, she joined a music academy. She has been going to Swar Gunjan Music Academy for the last 7 years now. Vaidehi started learning vocal classical music from Pramesh Nandi Sir. He is the founder of Swar Gunjan Music Academy and he is a renowned vocalist of Mewati Gharana of Padma Vibhushan Pandit Jasrajji. Pramesh sir has taught her many raagas, making them interesting, fun and educative. He always encourages his students to do their absolute best. This enriched Vaidehi? s skills. Vaidehi has definitely improved under the guidance and training of the Sir, Pramesh Nandi. This academy provides you with the teachings and opportunities every student needs and Vaidehi has been influenced in a positive way as she learns alongside her Sir, who cares about her personal success.


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